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Support Request

Product: FORScan Lite for Android

Please select your issue:

  What are FORScan versions? What are the differencies?
  Why "Lite" version for mobile platforms and not "full"?
  Why "full" FORScan for Windows is free, and "simplified" FORScan Lite is paid?
  Why FORScan doesn't show function Y for my car? When this function will be added?
  Why number of functions for my car is less than for the same model of the next generation?
  Do you plan to create a version for Linux, Mac OS, Windows Phone?

Licensing and Installation
  What are the Google Play and Independent Editions and what is the difference?
  Why can't I purchase your application in Google Play Market?
  Google Play doesn't update FORScan Lite anymore, why?
  Why the decision has been made to stop using Google Play Market for the FORScan Lite for Android distribution?
  I have changed my iOS device to Android one. Can I transfer my license?
  Can I use FORScan Lite license on my Windows computer?
  I have another question

Licensing and Installation - Independent Edition
  I have lost my Activation Code, how to recover it?

Licensing and Installation - Google Play Edition
  I have changed my Android device. Should I buy the app again?
  I have bought the app to my Android phone, now I want to install it on my tablet. Should I buy the app again?
  License doesn't work after reinstallation of the application. What to do?

  What adapter should I purchase for FORScan Lite for Android?
  How to check compatibility of of FORScan Lite with my ELM327 adapter and my car?
  Why should I use more expensive "recommended" adapter instead of regular ELM327?
  What are possible problems if I use "regular" ELM327 instead of "recommended" adapter?
  I've purchased "FORScan" adapter, why must I pay for the license?

Technical issues
  Error "No adapter found. Please check connection and try again"
  Error "Unable to connect to vehicle. Please make sure the ignition key is ON and try again"
  Error "Unable to identify the vehicle. Please contact developers"
  I have another question

  Do I need account on FORScan forum to obtain paid FORScan Products?
  Do I need account on FORScan forum to obtain free 2 month trial Extended License?
  So what do I need the account on FORScan forum for?
  How can I register account on FORScan forum?
  How do I get the invitation code for the forum registration?
  I forgot my username and/or password, what do I need to do?
  I have reset my password but still cannot login, why?

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