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What are the Google Play and Independent Editions and what is the difference?

FORScan Lite for Android Independent Edition was created by us when Google banned our Google Play account, our application and our users. It doesn't use any Google Play services, installed from FORScan web site and activated using an Activation Code. Starting from December 26th 2022 this is the only version of FORScan Lite for Android that can be purchased by new users. This version doesn't work with Google Play license.

FORScan Lite for Android Google Edition is a version with Google Play support. It is created for the large number of people who purchased FORScan Lite for Android from Google Play Market and want to continue to receive the app updates. For proper work the version requires Google Play account to be set up on the device and this account must have FORScan Lite license purchased in the Google Play.

Both versions have exactly the same functionality, the only difference is in the licensing: Google Play Edition requires Google Play license, Independent Edition requires Activation Code. Both versions have to be downloaded and updated from the FORScan site. Both versions will check and offer to download the application updates.

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Why the decision has been made to stop using Google Play Market for the FORScan Lite for Android distribution?

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