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Generate free 2 months trial Extended License Key

The trial Extended License key is provided under the "Try before you buy" concept. For two months, you can use the Extended version of the application for free and without restrictions, to understand whether it is suitable for your needs

Conditions for providing a trial Extended License key:

  1. The key is intended for use on one computer device in a specific configuration defined by the Hardware ID.
  2. If the device configuration is changed (due to reinstallation of the operating system, replacement of device components etc), the Hardware ID will change and a new key will be required.
  3. User can access no more than two active trial keys.

As soon as the form is filled and submitted, the trial Extended License key will be sent to the E-Mail address specified. It will inlcude a detailed installation instruction. The process may take some time, usually up to 30 minites. If you have not received it after that time, please check your Spam / Junk folder. If you made a typo in the E-Mail address, you can resend the key using this form, just by specifying correct E-Mail address and the same Hardware ID.

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Hardware ID:*
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