2013 F150 PCM Data

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2013 F150 PCM Data

Post by nap4lm69 » Thu May 16, 2019 10:52 pm

Hello all,

I was wondering if there was anyone else out there with a 2013 F150 V8 5.0 4x4 that could pull their PCM data so I can verify theirs against mine. I bought my truck used with a CNG kit in it. The kit started to cause me problems so I decided to pull out most of it as it was taking up my bed space and leaking into the cabin. I took it into the dealer to flash the stock file back on and they said they are locked out. I haven't attempted to write anything myself as I can only access the AS BUILT data and I have no idea what those hexadecimal codes mean. It would be super awesome if someone could use snipping tool and grab screenshots of theirs and hopefully only one area looks different than mine and I can see if forscan will let me write to it.

EDIT: I forgot to say the only reason I care about this is that no matter what I do, I am getting a check engine light. I just want that thing gone! I thought I would be good if I just pulled all the stuff. Then it threw two codes for getting the data from two sensors. So I found the cable that attaches the whole CNG system to the PCM and removed that, now it throws one code for not being able to contact the CNG system.

I am assuming it will be a waste of time and I will not be able to do anything either. However, any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help,

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