2016 Ford Ranger Dual Battery Mode

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2016 Ford Ranger Dual Battery Mode

Post by jensht » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:34 pm

I recently added two additional batteries to my Ranger, managed with an IBS-DBS battery manager. I wanted to enable the dual battery mode in ForScan today when I noticed that I have the following options:
-Disabled 75% 12V (Single Battery)
-Partially Enabled 80% 12.8 V
-Partially Enabled 85% 13.6V
-Partially Enabled 90% 14.4V
-Partially Enabled 95% 15.2V
-Fully Enabled 100% 16V (Dual Battery)

Originally I was going to set it to fully enabled, but would that really charge the battery with 16V? That seems awfully high. For the time being I changed it to 90% 14.4V as the AGMs should be fine with that.

In all the other threads all I read about was about On or Off, not these varying degrees.

Does anyone have any insights as to if it really would push 16 Volts to the batteries in the Fully Enabled mode


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