B1218 Transmitter Identification Code 2017 Fusion

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B1218 Transmitter Identification Code 2017 Fusion

Post by LahainaOhana » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:23 am

I purchased a 2017 Fusion S with 600 miles that was in the Texas flood. I've got most all the errors corrected, however the key, (the only one) I got with the car will start the engine if it is in the cup holder, but won't lock/unlock or do any remote functions. I changed the battery in the remote. This is the DTC error. Forscan says there are no errors in the RTM. Do I just need to take the key into the dealer to get it programmed?

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Re: B1218 Transmitter Identification Code 2017 Fusion

Post by Andyfocus » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:31 pm

have to take the whole car , its programmed in the ipc on later cars and is dealer only function at present , did you check the modules page to see if you have pats listed in any of the modules ?
as it is im in the same situation.
you will need 2 keys also if you do it , i would suggest searching on fleabay or similar for a new key and transponder , dont get a cheap china transponder , search on here for the correct one strattech chip is required (someone posted a link for usa people i think in the how to check keys compatability section ) , then go get the blade cut (take your old key as well ) to a store that cuts keys , then goto the dealer , this will save you about $125 in total

also may be worth doing a utube search on programming the remote , or look in the handbook if you got one if your happy to only have one key ,should be something like turn key to on / off 8 times and doors will lock /unlock when in programming mode then press a button on the remote .
B1218:44 Transmitter Identification Code: Data Memory Failure
B1218:51 Transmitter Identification Code: Not Programmed
B1218:81 Transmitter Identification Code: Invalid Serial Data Receive

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