2010 F150 bi directional remote start trouble

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2010 F150 bi directional remote start trouble

Post by cyanideg » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:26 pm

So I have AC3Z-19G364-A installed on my 2010 F150 xlt. its the factory remote start.

It was working and starting the truck before I had a shop try and add some remotes to the system. Now it will only act like its starting and chirp once then not start. Apparently its because the securelock programming needs to be redone? I have tried several times to program the securelock by inserting both pats keys and this doesnt work.

I have 2 pats keys and when I try to reset the system I still get the rapidly bliking pats light on dash. I also have a P1260 code: theft detected. but my keys start the truck just fine.

Can I use forscan to erase that code and program or reset my pats system so the remote start works again?

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Re: 2010 F150 bi directional remote start trouble

Post by twisterrescue » Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:21 am

NO call ( 1800 ford key) on monday they are the FORD dealer installed .ford parts supplier in usa you could try turn key 1 to on watch the led turn on then off .take out key put key 2 to run watch led again red then off pull key out and hit remote start remote .

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