Coyote swap turning off functions

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Coyote swap turning off functions

Post by Patman » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:39 pm

I've got a full donor 2015 F150 harness going into my 2003 F150

I need help turning off functions like ABS, SRS etc

Any chance the guy that did the spreadsheet is around?

Todd Ector
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Re: Coyote swap turning off functions

Post by Todd Ector » Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:53 am

Well to be honest that is the least of your problems with this swap, the 2015 electronics are much different than your 2003.

Short of doing a standalone engine computer you will need to use not only the ECU (PCM) along with the instrument cluster, Body Control module and matching ignition keys in order for the the engine to start and run.

Your 2003 has no CANBUS networks, the 2015 uses HS1, HS2 and HS3 along with the MSCAN, all of which needs to be working or bypassed with a custom ECU program to get it up and running.

When I looked into this as a option for my 2004 I discovered that while entirely possible it simply wasn't worth all the effort and cost to make it work, I was working with the wiring diagrams for a 2011-2013 F150 to avoid the multiple HSCAN bus requirement, you still need HSCAN at minimum to make that work.

Another issue is the fact that the 2015 uses electronic/electrical power steering rack, there are kits out there to work around that issue. I know of a few swaps that they added the hydraulic power steering pump to the engine so that's not a show stopper but the lack of HSCAN functionality in the vehicle will make it more difficult though.

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