DPF Data Readings

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DPF Data Readings

Post by Stokesboys1234 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:01 pm

Afternoon all,

After My son's 2009 focus 1.6tdci Cat temp sensor failed and Melted his DPF / Cat I learnt about ForScan, firstly wow what a wealth of data.....

I have a 2011 Focus 1.6tdci so I plugged in to see what I could find

Ive selected PPFT and DP_DPF and have the following results

PPFT standing still with engine running seems to stay at 103c, doesn't seem to budge is that right?
DP_DPF at idle stays at 819.2kpa when rev's goes to zero.

There are no error codes what so ever and the car seems to be running perfectly with great mpg / power etc

Am I looking in the right place or is there somewhere else i should be looking?

Thanks in Advance.....

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