2004 F150 airbag codes

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2004 F150 airbag codes

Post by dont slow down » Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:01 am

I have an airbag light illuminated on my 2004 F150. It flashes a code of 34 on the dash which by my research indicates a bad passenger seatbelt pretensioner. I have tested the pretensioner with a multimeter and it checks out normal. Further troubleshooting will require pulling any codes from the Restraint Control Module (RCM). I saw online a Ford tech do this with their computer.

Can I pull these RCM codes using Forscan?
Can I view live data from the RCM and components?

I have the extended license already, just need to know where to go in the program to try to read the RCM.

Thank you.

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