Mazda 6 Oil warning

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Mazda 6 Oil warning

Post by Mareng » Tue May 15, 2018 6:12 pm

About 700 mile ago I changed my own oil ( intermediate change 6k into service period of 12k) in a 2014 M6 Euro (UK) diesel and expected the sensor to throw up the light on the dash. I had bought the OBD reader and Forscan software to clear the error light afterwards.
After changing the oil, no error showed up, I was both miffed, happy and confused.

Whilst on holiday near Skipton in the Dales the light came on, but I could not stop for a mile or two.
When I eventually stopped, dipped the oil (though I had done the night before, so wasn't too concerned) felt it and smelt it, no sign of diesel contamination, the level had not moved ( 1/4" under full mark, normal).
Rigged up tablet and Forscan, good oil pressure 28 psi at low rpm and 56 psi when giving it the beans, which was also normal for this car ( though a strange system all the same). Tried to clear the error using Forscan, as it did show up, but would not clear it.

Continued on and thought I would call into a Mazda dealer for an opinion.
Like all service writers/salemen he wanted to change the oil. No, I said, just changed by myself with a C2. He said that the error needed clearing, but the engine was ok given the data I told him. £114 + Vat to clear it.
So I left the dealer, but monitored oil presure and temp. Everything fine but the small triangle on the dash.

500 mile later and after the car had sat in my garage overnight the light had disapeared even after some driving.

How strange. Forscan still shows the error, but no light on the dash.

On earlier models pre-Skyactive, it was possible to short out from a fuse holder the light and it would reset it, or do the stamp of the accellerator, but not this model.
Later models like the 2015 it can be reset via the MZD Connect on the screen.

Can anybody shed any light on how to clear the error on Forscan and also clear the light if it came up again, or even reset it after a self oil change , despite no error showing up immediately after an oil change.

Delayed reaction in both cases????

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Re: Mazda 6 Oil warning

Post by MorganR » Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:13 pm

There is an option in the forscan service functions to reset the oil learned values after an oil change, this should stop the light appearing.

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Re: Mazda 6 Oil warning

Post by Browny3794 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:05 pm

As Morgan says above, there is a service procedure to reset the oil learned values.

The general practice for the 2008-20012 GH series cars (not too sure if its the same on a 2014 model), is to get the car up to normal operating temperature. Then perform a forced regeneration of the DPF (ensure the bonnet/hood is in the raised position)

This takes up to 60 minutes to complete.

Let the car idle for a few minutes after to help dissipate any heat build up, then drain the oil and change the oil filter.

Once done, refill the car as you'd expect.
Start Forscan and enter the service menu and perform the oil learned values reset.
Follow any on screen commands and this should reset it.

Then the next step is to perform the injection calibration service. On my 2009 GH 2.0TD 140, this started instantly with Forscan.

But with my 2012 2.2TD 180 it takes anywhere up to 5mins for the injector calibration to start. So don't worry if you see the service stuck at 2%, it does start moving eventually (I spent the best part of 20mins the first time trying to get the calibration to start)

If the 2014 is anything like the 2008-2012 cars this should extinguish the light and allow the car to run happily.

I've seen a mention of resetting the DPF learned values, but the warning messages that come with it discourage me, as it lends me to believe its for refitting a replacement DPF.

I'm going to try finding some more info about that now.
I'll pop back with any findings and update if so.

Hope this is of some help.

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