HELP! Changing CD/Radio module in Ford Kuga/Escape MK2

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HELP! Changing CD/Radio module in Ford Kuga/Escape MK2

Post by fordscapetit » Thu May 10, 2018 1:52 pm

I have Ford Escape MK2 Titanium 2014, i noticed that the car won't catch european frequencies (even numbers like 101.2, 91.6 and etc). I think that maybe this problem could be fixed by changing CD/Radio module
(looks like this : ... 8d4f4d82d1 ) .

So i'm interested, if these modules are compatible with ANY of the ford kuga/escape cars, if it has small screen or if it has big touch panel (mine is with touch panel) and features like GPS and other would work same? For ex: i could put kuga mk2 cd module in escape even thought kuga had small screen and mine is touch panel. As i know, these modules are only responsible for CD and RADIO, so i could lose "Stereo radio" or other radio features that are in the better version of Kuga/Escapes ( like titanium). Maybe I could reprogram with forscan, but as i read, you lose RDS, not a big deal tho, but the RDS feature is kinda nice. :D

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