unable to calibrate guide lines 2011 ford edge

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Re: unable to calibrate guide lines 2011 ford edge

Post by cron1kz » Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:10 am


I was able to re-calibrate using forscan software to bring the guidelines back to screen on a 2011 Lincoln MKX.

Not sure if you can make use of the information but here it is;

As stated above, first you need to be sure you have the appropriate hardware and not any aftermarket or otherwise poor substitutions. Next you will need to find yourself a suitable cable to use with the Forscan software; personally I would recommend a USB to OBD option and stay away from any wireless/Bluetooth types. Best to find one with both MS CAN and HS CAN support (some types may have a toggle switch).

Once you have sourced the necessary adapter(s) and hardware you need to connect to the vehicle using Forscan. Begin in HS CAN mode, a screen will pop up asking if you have both MS and HS compatibility, if Forscan detects you have a variable or lower bitrate adapter you will be asked whether Forscan should raise bitrate (this part I chose yes but not sure if mandatory or not). The next screen will ask you which version of SYNC you have, this part is critical as selecting the wrong version may not give you the correct function(s). After you select your SYNC version Forscan will begin to locate and scan modules for faults. After HS CAN modules have been located and scanned it will ask if you have a toggle switch for MS CAN, use yes if possible and it will scan the MS modules.

After this stage is complete you need to go into the service procedures tab (should be a wrench icon), check that you are in the service procedures tab at the upper left of inside screen. Look through the list until you see BdyCM and the corresponding function should be either “Rear Camera Calibration” or in some cases “Local Interconnect Network New Module Calibration” select that option and press start at bottom left of screen. If this process is able to be completed successfully you will get a message stating so. Follow steps provided to cycle ignition. Next you need to verify there are no remaining hard DTCs in BdyCM or PAM (parking aid module), clear previous faults if stored.

Disconnect the vehicle and ignition to off position. Remove the OBD2 connector. Start your vehicle and change to Reverse and check whether you have succeeded.

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Re: unable to calibrate guide lines 2011 ford edge

Post by rhonot » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:22 am

i have focus mk3.5 with sync 2..i have enable camera using forscan but my active guideline and zoom not there..
i run LIN new module calibration show abort at 8%..does this mean my china pin camera dint have LIN wiring?
i hook up rca(2wire) to apim(harness with video input)..and the camera power and ground to reverse light.
do i need to start run engine when doing bdcm LIN calibration?
does oem camera have 6 pin including lin wiring to ipc steering angle..i have setting in bcmii(main) to switch park assist camera change to CAN or LIN..if i left to CAN,,ipc will show 1 dtc rear module camera not present,and vice versa if i set to LIN..bcmii will show dtc camera
plz advise.

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