I Definitely Trust In Poe On This

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I Definitely Trust In Poe On This

Post by poes » Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:26 am

For builds that have no extra power charge scaling, they usually aren't worth taking even if you path right past them. I definitely trust in poe orbs on this - usually you'll find that the damage efficiency of a power charge is much lower than some random damage cluster.

I really liked the change they implemented on making power charges to give more spell damage and frenzy to give more non-spell damage. While I agree that the announcement of the changes was not ideal, the outrage was kinda ridiculous because these changes gave the charges identity.

Whats the most cost efficient method to re-roll strongboxes? So far I have just been using poe currency cheap transmutation/alteration to try and get decent modifiers on magic boxes.

Also what is the most cost efficient method to use vaal fragments? When I use them, they open a level 70 vaal area. Im confused as to why they are not scaling to my level. Is there a way to get higher level vaal areas? They are not very rewarding as it is. Im only doing t3/t4 maps atm so im not sure if its worth it to use vaal fragments to increase quantity on those maps.

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