General forum rules - please read before start posting

Any issues related to FORScan application
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General forum rules - please read before start posting

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0. Forum is a part of FORScan support system, but not designed for a quick feedback. Main purpose of the forum is to be a place for communication among users, so people can share their experience. Second main purpose is to be a knowledge database. "How to" articles are posted here, as well as any other information important for all or majority of users. But we have no ability to answer to every post. So if you need a quick help from FORScan team, please contact support.

1. This category has 5 forums:
  • Adapters & Connection - dedicated forum to discuss adapters and connection issues
  • Diagnostics and Maintenance using FORScan - dedicated forum to discuss FORScan usage on different vehicles
  • Configuration and Programming - dedicated forum for car configuration and programming discussions
  • Beta testing - dedicated forum to test new functions
  • General & Support - everything the rest is discussed in this forum
Please address your issues in the right forum. Wrongly addressed issues may be moved by moderators or removed.

2. The only allowed language for this category is English. Posts and topics in other languages will be moved to an appropriate category or removed.

3. We do not consult on protocol, PID numbers etc, except cases when it is necessary to discuss a specific application or vehicle issue.

4. Internal FORScan logs should not be attached to the public posts. Please send these logs either by email or as a private message on forum. Any user logs (FSL, CSV, TXT etc) can be published with no restrictions.

5. All users are allowed to post to all forums and start new topics. However, Moderators have rights to remove posts and topics that violate forum rules.