Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

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FORScan wrote:
Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:09 am
Sagenut wrote:Hi everyone.
I would like to put Your attention about 4 PIDS:
On a good condition engine it came out that these 4 values were at "7".
Could it be that these 4 PIDS are the famous ones used by Ford Technician to verify when the Injector Learn Procedure is complete for every Injectors?
Sorry if I am writing an already known news.
Absolutely. It looks like these are exactly the PIDs that have to be used in order to track the injector learning. It seems they change in range 0...7, where 7 means that the learning is complete. Because of a bug is FORScan , these PIDs are not available in v2.3.3 and earlier. The fix will be available in v2.3.4 official release. For now, everyone can use this test build to read these PIDs: ... 092016.exe

The issue is also actual for other vehicles with the same engine (1.5/1.6 TDCi) - Mondeo Mk4, Galaxy/S-Max, Transit Connect.

how do i get in forscan to this screen you pictured where can i see which injector works how much? which menu should I choose, and should the car be turned on?
i have a forscan v2.3.37, and i can't see the performance data of each injector. can this be seen in v2.3.4?
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

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HEllo Focus MK3 team
I really want to thanks for this share. I saved my car with your advices.
Before, like @FocusMK3 :
" Focus is very bad, engine rpm not stable, loud rattle when I accelerate, at cold start is worse, it seems that is not doing the self learning. I have no visible errors on dash (only one for faulty headlight because of HID xenon kit, after tweaking with foCCCus, but lights are ok) "
I read your post and
I took highway, put warning light and accelerate until 2500, let until 1500 , and repeat. Gear 4th
AFter 450s ~7 minutes, my car was awake in normal life. So happy to do not hear this fucking bad knocking noise from motor
During the learning , value of INJ_LRN_Cx pass through 0 to 7. but when I had my 4 values at 7, the learning was not complete, the motor was not perfect yet. Now values PICL_INC_Cx start to move also...800 288 512 544 ...
When all PICL_INC_Cx are not zeroed, your car is right, on dashboard you can see "Normal Mode"
After the motor sound was normal

My DPF values are
DPF_LOAD 1.00 %
DPF_SOOT_LD 5.00 %
Is my DPF in good or bad condition ? 180Kkm

I record all injection learning, I will try to attache it ... 750/064ec7
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

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Hello, will these procedure of learning injectors (deceleration from 2500 to 1500 rpm)works with Ford Transit 2.2 tdci 2012?
thanks in advantage
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