2015 Mustang Adding Factory Auto Wipers

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2015 Mustang Adding Factory Auto Wipers

Post by hro0250 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:39 am

Hey guys I'm new to FORScan but I recently used it to enable factory rain sensing wipers on my 2015 ecoboost premium coupe mustang and thought I'd share if anybody else was interested.

I started by ordering the parts on fordparts.com
-The rain sensor (17D547) $62
-The cover (17D550) $11
-The wiring harness, (select coupe or convertible) (14B242B) $44
-The Wiper switch (17A553) $37
-You'll also need a new windshield (03100) with the sensor mounting bracket, luckily my old windshield was chipped so through insurance it was only a $100 deductible to replace, I told them I needed the one with the rain sensor mount and they had no issues putting it on and plugging it in as I had already wired in the new harness.

-I started by removing the steering wheel cover or shroud by removing the two screws underneath, then it just popped in half with a soft pry tool. The black box attached to the steering column behind the wheel with the wiper and turn signal stalks attached is called the Steering Column Control Module or SCCM. After removing the shroud you'll need to remove the two little screws that hold the wiper stalk to the SCCM and pull it straight out, replace with the new one.

-To wire the new harness I started by removing the drivers side A pillar and vanity mirror (make sure to disconnect the battery as you'll be near the side curtain airbag) then pull the dome lights straight down and unplug, they're just clipped in, then you can gently pull down the front of the headliner to see the rest of the harness. You'll then need to remove the plug from the back of the auto dimming rear view mirror and start pulling that harness out, it ends at the base of the drivers A pillar. Before installing your new harness you'll need to remove pin 3 (yellow wire) and pin 9 (green wire) from the 16 pin connector at the base of the new harness that plugs in at the bottom of the drivers side A pillar not the connectors at the top with the mirror and rain sensor, the yellow wire is the LIN data wire from the rain sensor, it needs to be soldered in line with pin 8 (yellow-grey wire) coming from the 12 pin harness on the left, side of the SCCM NOT the bottom, the bottom is the airbag clockspring. The green wire is the hot wire and needs to be soldered to run or accessory power. I ran mine into the engine bay and tapped into the violet-white power wire going to pin 8 at the wiper motor so the rain sensor only has power when the wiper stalk is on, this is how the official diagram shows the rain sensor getting power as well, however im sure any switched power would work. After connecting the LIN data and the power you can plug the new harness in and run it exactly where you took out the old one and plug in the mirror and you'll have an extra connector for the rain sensor. Ground is tapped from the auto dimming mirror inside the new wire harness so don't worry about it.

-Next after putting everything back and reconnecting the battery you're going to want to open FORScan (you'll need the extended license) and go to program, go to the SCCM as built data and open it. You'll then need to change Line (724-02-01) to CA27 7C49 E4. This is the as built data from a car with auto wipers. Now if the stalk is left in int. which is now auto position the SCCM should listen to the rain sensor and you can adjust the sensitivity with the dial. Lastly you'll need to go to the IPC (instrument panel cluster) as built program screen and change (720-02-02) to 0880 F1A4. This enables the option to select to turn on and off "rain sensing" in the vehicle settings under "wipers".
You will end up with one SCCM DTC however its just letting you know it detects a fault because your car didn't have auto wipers from the factory, ignore this as it won't trigger any check engine lights or affect anything else.

And thats it! It seems intensive but it took me about an afternoon and cost about $250 give or take, this was a great mod for the price. I hope someone finds this useful!

*edit: this mod can be done to any ford with an SCCM. You'd just need to install the rain sensor and get the as built data for a car that has them and change the same line (724-02-01) to the one with auto wipers.

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Re: 2015 Mustang Adding Factory Auto Wipers

Post by tf950810 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:27 pm

Hey. I desperately want this feature in my 2017 Mustang GT. Would you be able to provide pictures for someone who isn't a super big car guy? I would very much appreciate it

Would all of our parts be the same? Even the wiring harness?

I also just made an account here just so I can reply to you. I haven't used forscan at all. Ford service just got done telling me installing rain sensing wipers in my car is not possible...

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Re: 2015 Mustang Adding Factory Auto Wipers

Post by asci01 » Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:00 am

Ford service will not retrofit anything on our cars. It is up to us and the great people behind forscan that allow us to do so many things the dealers won't dare do :D

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