Need to reprogram rear camera

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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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mschumiv wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:01 pm
My vehicle is a little different: no APIM module and no FDIM module (Ford Focus MK4 2019 - Europe), all the camera related processes are run only on BCM and ACM module.
I have the same problem, no camera guide lines and no zoom control. This happened after a SYNC system (light) (in my case stored on ACM module) update done at the the dealership, 6 months ago. They couldn't fix this yet!!! (maybe don't want to or don't know how)
I have the same DTC B115E:55.
Running Local Interconnect Network New Module Calibration, stops at 8%, no fix.
I'm thinking of visiting Ford factory in Germany, maybe they know how to fix this... it's like a 2000km trip!!!
Please tell me codes in ACM module to change
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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i have the same problem 2011 ford edge sport, but i do NOT have the camera calibration option in forescan which is another problem.
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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I’m trying to enable the dynamic lines on my 2015 exp fwd. I found a spreadsheet to change PCSM 730-01-03 0000 to 0100 it disables my trac control and the dynamic lines just stay stationary. Is it even possible to change on mine without having the other features like lane assist ect?
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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I am having the same problem. 2014 f350 king ranch. Replaced camera and still no guide lines or zoom function. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have the camera calibration listed either in FORScan.
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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i just installed a sync 3 into my 2018 ford GT mustang. it came with the 4" sync. everything went accordingly. the only thing that didnt work was the phone calls on the sync, that and siri. I think i figured that out as far as the code is concerned, but now my back up camera isnt working. do i need to update that code too? if so does anyone know how? what other codes need to be updated in this upgrade? thanks
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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Lost my white lines (the ones that turn with the direction you’re coming) on my 2020 F250 factory camera. Still have the red-yellow-green lines, just the active ones are gone! Please help!
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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Hi all.

I'm still struggling with this.

2016 Ranger, Sync 2. Camera works, no dynamic parking lines and an inoperative zoom.

BdyCM Local Interconnect New Module Calibration fails at 8%. No DTCs are recorded. New camera installed (known good) still same issue.

Any ideas?
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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Having had the same issue as everyone on here I was finally able to get my lines back this evening.

I got my replacement camera from a Ford dealer.

I'm running the FORScan V2.3.35 beta software.
On the left hand side of the App select the Spanner/Wrench icon - Service Functions
At top select - Service Procedures
On the list select - BdyCM Module Reset
Hit the Play/Start button at the bottom
Follow the prompts

I hope this works for everyone else as I know how frustrating this problem is!

PS. This is just a suggestion which worked for me and only do it for yourself if you're confident you know what you're doing. I have a Mustang and the cable in the trunk is notorious for breaking so I went to Home Depot, bought some connectors and installed an ethernet cable in its place. The process took me about 1.5 hours but if/when it breaks again all I have to do is buy a $5 cable from Walmart and plug it in.
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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Question for anyone who knows. I just bought a replacement camera. The image is upside down. A little research tells me that there are a plethora of model numbers for the same camera for the 2011 Ford Explorer.

My research led me to this forum and also the FORScan software. Since I am a developer/coder this kind of stuff ropes me right in and doesn't scare me. I got started working on my car years ago when I replaced my brake pads. I got hooked. Next I fixed the dryer (5 times, each time a different issue) and just last week, the washer using a hack to get it work long enough until the replacement part comes.

My original camera has BB5T‑19G490‑AC as the part number. The part I purchased has a part number of 590-416 which is much different than the original part. I may need to see if I can exhange the part or if I can find a used part since new parts with the OEM part number might exist but it appears they may have a new part number. I was told the part I purchase would definitely work and there were reviews that indicated it did.

So my questions are:

1. Will I be able to reverse the image by calibrating the camera using FORScan or should I send the camera back?

2. Which OBD hardware adapter should I buy that will work best with FORScan Software? USB or Bluetooth? Opinions welcome.

3. I assume the FORScan software will work fine with Windows 10, yes? (I will have to grab a laptop and install Windows as I don't use Windows normally but have no problem using it).

4. Buying parts from Ford is painfully expensive. I can find most parts I need for repairs locally/online but these are often not OEM. Does anyone know a good site that sells legit FoMoCo parts at fair prices?

Feel free to direct me to relevant forum threads.
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Re: Need to reprogram rear camera

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I own a 2016 ford ranger wildtrak. It came when i bought it with a sync 2. Now i'v installed a sync 3 system from a wrecked 2017 Wildtrak. Everthing works. Android auto, apple carplay, parking sensors and so on. What's not working is my rearview camera. Calibrated it, nothing. Got the vin from the salvage car where the sync 3 came from. Got every code from motorcraft. Camera is still not working. Can anyone help me please?
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