V2.4 Request

Testing new functions
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by IGreyhounDI »

Hey, Is there a newer beta version than 2.4.3 beta, 2020-09-13 ?
If so can I please get the download link in a PM?
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Graham17 »

good morning guys,
I wonder if you could possibly share the link for latest 2.4.3 version, currently have 2.4.3 test20200917.

I am fully aware how Forscan works and aware of the implications when updating firmware,
Many thanks
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by sakchai.maidee »

Hi guys could you share the link forscan 2.4.1 version ,
And I notic risks.

Many thanks
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by mbaker33 »

Hi, I am looking to firmware update my 2018 F150 APIM. I understand I need a version of 2.4, which is in beta. Could you please share the compatible version of 2.4 with me?

Thank you.
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by gerarddad »

Hi. Could you please share with me the newest Beta version of 2.4? I currently have V 2.3.39. Thank you. I am aware of how Forscan works and the risks involved.
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by leon167 »

Hello . How do I get the version above 2.4?
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Snarkie »

Hi, Could I please have access to the latest V2.4. Looking to upgrade IMPA firmware. Understand the risks etc. Thank you
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by gnews836 »

I would like to get the latest v2.4.x and a copy of the programming guide mentioned on item 3 of the Release Notes.

I am trying to fix an issue I am experiencing on my 2014 Ford Explorer Limited 4WD stated in the TSB 15-0149 "3.5L TI-VCT - ROLLING/SURGING OR LOW IDLE DURING A/C OPERATION"

I would like to implement the action/recommendation in the TSB which states "Reprogram the powertrain control module (PCM) to the latest calibration using IDS release 97.03 or higher."
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by hary »

I'll ask for a link to the latest 2.4.3
Thank you in advance
Yours Hary.
Poproszę o link do najnowszego 2.4.3
Z góry dziękuję
Pozdrawiam Hary.
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Re: V2.4 Request

Post by Mustangcasey77 »

hi there am i able to get the 2.4 version i am fully aware how forscan works and the risk with it
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