focus 2 1.6 hdi impossible to code new injectors

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focus 2 1.6 hdi impossible to code new injectors

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Hi everybody, I post a message caus I can't enter/code my new injectors numbers with Forscan...

I able to connect my car with obd2 327 by wifi,
I can find my car in database : ford focus 2 1.6hdi 110 cv modele 2005 (sometimes Forscan just find the generation of my car from 2003, but I read on the net it was the same)
I find services to read injectors codes, and service to change codes
I enter my new codes to ovewrite the old ones, but at the moment to save, there's ALWAYS an error message that my codes are wrong or if they correct to contact forsacan's adminitrators...

I know that ford organise its cylindors first from the right to the left, and injectors in order of ignition like 1 3 4 2... and I tried SO MANY combinations but alway the same error message...

If I reduce chances to make an error to the minimum by just enter in cylinder 1 for injector 1 my new code, the message appear
If I change no one code, then I keep them exactly as they are then I just press to save, forscan said to me I havn't change something BUT refuse to save by the same error message...

What's wrong ? tks
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