Reprogramming replacement Lincoln LS dash cluster with Forscan, Questions

Any issues related to FORScan application
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Reprogramming replacement Lincoln LS dash cluster with Forscan, Questions

Post by torx » Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:38 am

I have an 03 Lincoln LS v8 ive been trying to repair for years now, i'll hit a snag then give up, then put the car away, come back to it later.
So far ive got the replacement/used cluster, the bad cluster (that intermittantly goes out, needles jump, and when it goes out i cant start the car because PATS security data is in the cluster that needs handshaking). Ive bought the 1yr license for Forscan, just in case i can fix this and utilize the software for future purposes.. Ive also got a new ELM wired ms/hs-can coming saturday to get me started. I have both keys as well just in case those are needed.

My questions.
Ive played with the software and cant find anything on marrying the pcm to the replacement cluster. Who or what developer can i get in touch with to enable the PATS/PCM programming module feature?

Is there a definitive programming guide on this subject, or can someone throw some order of instructions at me to work with?

I'm trying to marry the pcm to the replacement cluster.. or write pcm pats data to the replacement cluster, is this even possible?

Ive done alot of trouble shooting with the car and ruled out the battery, alternator, and various other things.. With the stock malfunctioned cluster the car just doesnt wanna start when the cluster goes out.. but i can plug in the replacement cluster, everything lights up, needles reset and look proper, i just cant start the car because the pats data in the pcm doesnt match that of the replacement cluster.

any help is appreciated. thanks.

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