Forscan won't connect after deleting the profile.

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Forscan won't connect after deleting the profile.

Post by BlownGP » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:28 am

So doing this Mustang base to sync 3 swap as been a real pain in the ass on my brothers mustang....

Got everything installed, then didn't know we needed new ford usb cables which only have power and don't work with a thumb drive with music.

But the biggest problem is forscan won't connect.
It worked fine and I changed some settings in the APIM but only the APIM, BCM, PCM were the only modules showing.
Read on here about deleting the profile forscan will find all the modules.

Well did that and now it won't connect at all. Figured maybe the ELM adapter crapped out but my mom as a 2013 Explorer and it connects fine and shows all the modules.

So I'm at a loss here. Thank god the car runs and drives fine and almost everything works with Sync 3. Sync voice prompts don't work, and can't use bluetooth to make a call since the ACM still thinks it's using the 4.2 system.

Any ideas?

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