bf xr6 no go

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bf xr6 no go

Post by pattoxr6 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:30 pm

after destroying cylinder number 1 bearing and leaving my xr6 supposely in the hands of a A1 mechanic the engine has been swapped , the sump is cracked, the gear selector cable is broken(right where it bolts on tranny) and it wont start. Going over every part ive come to the conclusion that i have power to everywhere and backed up by reds on dash that some how ive lost the link to the pcm(i think) that tells the immobiliser to turn off. And after survaying the situation further and being told that because when i brought the car it only had a key no fob box sooner or later that would have to be rectified. So the engine came from a donor and so did the fob box and icc i think its called and without asking and or thinking it was proberly beyond his capabilities went and swapped them over. Now ive been told that once you swap them over and power them up you lose the link, just wondering if true and would a pats reset fix it. As far as i can see thats the only issue for it not staring....HELP.........

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Re: bf xr6 no go

Post by AFR » Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:40 pm

changing an engine that is like for like wont affect the pcm as the pcm doesn't care . If the PCM was changed,that will require module initialisation

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