2020 Ford Transit Cargo / Base - DRL @ Lighting Settings in BCM

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2020 Ford Transit Cargo / Base - DRL @ Lighting Settings in BCM

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Hi all,

Just wanted some assistance with some settings in the BCM and to share my experience.

To start, i'm using an OBDLinkEX via USB + Extended License, FORScan v2.3.41 Beta (not sure if I needed it to change the parameters I did).

I just set out to tweak only two things and was successful, but I did see some other functions that I may want to change if I can without being too intrusive. First, I wanted to disable the DRL. I didn't find anyone who specifically did it for the exact model I had, so I had to tinker a little. Also, I replaced the Stop/Turn lights with an aftermarket LED bulb so it was hyper-flashing (only the indicator inside the vehicle was hyper-flashing, which is a bulb out indicator, however the lights flashed at a normal rate.)

So to disable the DRL, I changed "Using Low Beam with DRL" from "Enabled" to "Disabled". I am not sure if this is the "proper" way to disable DRL, but I only looked in the BCM.

To stop the hyperflash due to the LEDs in the rear, I changed "Rear Bulb Turn Outage" from "Enabled" to "Disabled".
I assume this just deactivated the load sense circuit for the rear - simple enough. I tried changing the "Rear LED Turn Outage" from "Disabled" to "Enabled" and the indicators still hyper-flashed. I thought, maybe the load sense parameters were different for LED's and it would work for my application, but of course I realized, the BCM would be looking for specified design current for the LED arrays anyway which wouldn't work for all applications.

I did see another function, but for the life of me I forgot the exact PID, it was something to do with the "Autolamp". This piqued my interest, because I was thinking, would it be possible to have the DRL's activated on the "AUTO" switch setting on the Headlight Switch, while being able to turn it off when in the off setting? The vehicle is equipped with a 4-position headlight switch, Off-Park-On-Auto.

Also, does anyone know the specific functions of the "Police Dark Car - DRL" and "Police Dark Mode"? I read that the Police Dark Mode disables all of the lights and indicators when you unlock the vehicle. How about a parking light flash? Was not able to try it yet, ran out of time. The Police Dark Car - DRL, I am curious about as well..

And finally, it would make sense to me that I would have a reduced chance of bricking my vehicle if I stay out of the "ASBUILT" section of things, correct? It looks like the parameters that are shown with descriptions (like how settings were changed in the BCMii module) are parameters that were figured out and extrapolated into the FORSCAN program based on the vehicle information? It would seem that the simplest reason for bricking your vehicle is because in the ASBUILT section, you are somewhat blindly editing hexadecimal values in module memory which can f) sh) up.

Any help would be appreciated, I find it kind of nice to be able to tweak certain settings on your vehicle - some people like to keep things simple but must try reallly hard to get there.. :D
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Re: 2020 Ford Transit Cargo / Base - DRL @ Lighting Settings in BCM

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"Police Dark Car - DRL"=> You can use the Headlight knob turn off the DRL.
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