APIM Firmware Update

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APIM Firmware Update

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Hello everyone.
I come from the 2G Fusions forum and am seeking help in updating the firmware on my Sync 3 APIM.
The goal is to have radio logos and calm screen.

I have FORScan 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.4.3, and the lifetime license.
In the 2.4.0 interface I get options for calibration levels but when I try to "download" them it says "ERR" for each file, I assume its because UCDS doesn't let them use their server anymore. In version 2.4.3 the "calibration level" drop-down is empty, so I have no idea if the calibration files are right.
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I have requested some files from FORScan as they have an alternate server for paying customers, so I should be getting them shortly I hope.
I am here to ask you guys if I have the right ones.

There was some very brief and rather unclear discussion on the Fusion forum, but these files were mentioned:

And from the calibration level drop-down in 2.4.0 I see these different files:

Some are different versions of the same one, as I know the centre aspect remains the same, like HB5T-14G374-CA and 1U5T-14G374-EK, which one is newer?

Are they the right ones? Or are the ones listed in the image I attached the right ones? I have no idea why the "hardware number" changes for that image, which makes me concerned that those suggested files are not correct.

I am new to firmware updating, but have read a great deal about it, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: APIM Firmware Update

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PM'd you on 2GFusions.
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