Remote start via FordPass App on UK 2019+ Ranger

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Remote start via FordPass App on UK 2019+ Ranger

Post by Clelland1982 » Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:48 pm

Has anyone been able to successfully activate remote start on a UK Ranger (2019+) via Forscan?

I was told by someone on the Ranger Uk facebook page that you can activate it by changing the country to North America??

I successfully changed the country to US (5553) in APIM (non asbuilt).

I then enabled remote start in the BCM module. I also tried editing the remote start “initial duration” from 0 to 15 mins.

I then restarted the FordPass iPhone app. The remote start button just appears for 1 second then disappears again.

I even tried to stop sharing my location with the Ford iPhone app to see if it would fool the app into thinking I was in the US, but no joy. (Also tried VPN)

Only think I didn’t try was deleting the vehicle from the FordPass account, then making a fresh connection after the changes on Forscan have been made.

Also, I didn’t look on the dash menu to see if the remote start option appeared. (Do you need to turn it on from there after activating on Forscan?)

If anyone has had any success, please let me know.

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