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Vehicle: Mondeo 140BHP TDCI 2.0 2007


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Hi anyone had this problem....Where to start?
Mondeo mk4 2007 2.0 TDCI Duratorq thought this engine didn't have a MAP sensor!!

===PCM DTC P2263:16-2D===
Code: P2263 - Turbo / Super Charge Boost System Performance

Additional Fault Symptom:
- Circuit Voltage Below Threshold

- DTC Present at Time of Request
- Malfunction Indicator Lamp is Off for this DTC

Module: Powertrain Control Module

Diagnostic Trouble Code details

Possible causes :

An electrical fault in the Turbocharger control circuit.

MAP sensor electrical failure.

Inspect connectors for signs of damage, water ingress, corrosion, etc.

If the code is set at idle renew the turbocharger. If the code is not set at idle investigate faults with the MAP.
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