Kuga Mk1 2010 - DPF DTBOL!/2/3 ???

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Kuga Mk1 2010 - DPF DTBOL!/2/3 ???

Post by Kugahelen » Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:53 pm


having a few issues with our Kuga with diesel dilution. We had a new DPF ( aftermarket ) at a local reputable garage. Had some issues with diesel dilution and changed after 6000 miles. Then after only 2000 miles last time the engine malfunction light came on and the dealer suggested oil deteriorated. I questioned the possible cause and he suggested that because we didn't have a genuine Ford DPF that could be the fault - but to me if a DPF isn't blocked it should still work fine ? The garage has just fitted a new DPF under warranty ( they have 3 years apparently ) and I did an oil change so its start from square one again. I have the ability to measure oil viscosity so will be keeping a close eye on that.

I got Forscan and an HS/MS scan reader and have been looking at DPF regeneration - cant find where you see how many regens, but have found mileage since last regen and its low suggesting its regenerating too often. We had a new genuine Ford sensor fitted when we had the DPF.

Anyway - its done 473 miles since the new DPF and oil change, just did a reading tonight and suggested its just done a regen - seems a bit soon ? also, the question I am seeking is the DPF DTBOL 1/2/3 temperature overheat. I have seen other readings on here at 0, but mine were 61455 secs ( 1 ) 49288 (2) and 33801 (3) … what does this mean ?

any thoughts how to get total number or regens too ?


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