need help abs module programming

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Budhi harto
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need help abs module programming

Post by Budhi harto » Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:09 pm

hi forscan community, sorry my english is not good, i have ford focus 2013 hatchback with broken abs module, I had replace the abs module with a used one, but now its leave me dtc p161b " incorrect response from secondary immobillizer ". I tried load asbuilt data which i gather from motorcraft but its failed to load. After i select write all and the progress bar reach 100% its said "service procedure has interupted". What is possible cause of this. Anybody had experienced with abs module replacement before? Any help would be appreciated.
It is correct to have abs module asbuilt data like this which contain so much 0? This is from both original and a used one abs module.

760-01-01 [0000][0000][0069]
760-01-02 [0000][0000][006A]
760-01-03 [0000][0000][006B]
760-01-04 [0000][ 6C ][restore][write]

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