2005 Ford F150 XL Cluster Swap to FX4

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2005 Ford F150 XL Cluster Swap to FX4

Post by johnmac0612 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:20 pm

I've been watching many forums about swapping out clusters with no tach
for clusters with a tach.

Never really found any definitive answers on what works or how
to go about it without dealership programming.

I bought a 04 F150 FX4 cluster for $35 and decided to try the swap.

After installing the FX4 cluster (plug and play), I had a few issues
like some others had. Cabin light not coming on, no chimes when
keys in ignition and door is opened, no chimes when headlights on
and ignition off. FX4 displaying dashes for compass and temperature
in message center.

After buying an OBDLink MX+ adapter and downloading FORScan,
I put my old XL cluster back in. Connected with Forscan and saved
the IC As Built data. Removed old XL cluster, plugged in FX4 cluster.
Connected once again and over wrote the IC As Built data with the
XL cluster data.

Now everything works as it should. It even removed the compass and
temperature readings from the message center!

Thanks to the FORScan software! Much appreciated!!

Only issue left is mileage. My orginal miles were 140,000 FX4
cluster has 245,000. No big deal. Its my beater truck. Im keeping track
and will tackle that issue in the near future.

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