backup camera display

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backup camera display

Post by drauden44 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:18 am

I have a 2016 police interceptor utility 3.7L and currently the back-up camera displays on the left side of the mirror. Is it possible to get it to display on the screen in the middle of the dash instead?

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Re: backup camera display

Post by 12voltWILL » Tue Apr 30, 2019 1:43 am

Yes it's possible. I've done quite a few for the local police dept. First reprogram the FCDIM for camera by changing the very first line 7A5-01-01 from x0xx-xxxx-xxxx to x2xx-xxxx-xxxx. put the car in reverse and within about 10 seconds or so the screen should say rear camera not available. If so the programming is done. Next unplug the plug on the back of your mirror and you'll need to cut back the wrapping around the harness. You'll find two wires twisted together with a bare shield wire that all go into the same insulation. These will be the camera video + and video - and you don't need to worry about the bare shield wire. Cut the two insulated wires and extend the two wires coming from the headliner side down to behind the screen in the dash. On the back of the screen there is a 12 pin plug and you need to connect the two wires you extended to pin 6(video+) and pin 12(video -). You'll have to pry the plug out of the shell with the locking tab to identify the pins as they are marked. They should have wires already in them. Cut pins 6 and 12 leaving yourself enough room the put the shell back on. connect the extended wires to the two going to the screen side and test it in reverse. If it doesn't switch to camera right away or shows a really blacked out image reverse the two wires and try again. You can't hurt anything by hooking them up backwards so don't worry. Also to confirm you have the video wires after cutting them from the mirror plug the mirror back in after cutting them an put it in reverse. The mirror should show a blue square where you saw the camera before. Hope I explained this well enough but if not feel free to ask anything.

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