Do all modules save mileage independently?.

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Do all modules save mileage independently?.

Post by Keithmac » Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:15 am

Hello all, I'm on with fitting a 2017 Powershift 6DCT450 to my 2013 MK2 Kuga. It's been a monumental pain but finally mounted up on hand made bell housing adapter plates!.

I've had it turned on and theres and odd thing in FORScan?, when reading the new TCU it brings the cars mileage up (68k), I would assme it would bring it's previous mileage up?, (30k).

Do TCUs store there own mileage or just ask the PCM?.

I've also manged to get the car to display -4 outside temperature but hopefully this is a separate fault and not related to the new gearbox!.

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