2011 Ford Explorer MyTouch Flipped Touch Pad

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2011 Ford Explorer MyTouch Flipped Touch Pad

Post by kdreese » Sat Apr 06, 2019 2:05 pm

I had an APIM go bad (Screen Black & no controls) so I ordered a used APIM which I believe came from a 2011 or 20122 Fusion. I had my factory as built data pulled from my previous APIM. I swapped the modules, reloaded the as-built, and restarted the car. Everything is functioning and pulled up on the screen.

The screen looks normal and has all the features the only problem is that the locations you touch for everything does not match with what the screen displays. Anything in the lower left quadrant I need to guess where to actually touch which would be in the upper right quadrant. The time shows at the top but to change it I need to touch the bottom. The whole screen is like that.

Below is how the layout displays on the screen but the second is the actual locations I need to touch for the controls.

1|2 4|3
3|4 2|1

Has anyone had this problem or know of a fix. My guess is either my screen went bad too or the APIM I got in is also messed up.

Thank you!

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