How to program PATS using FORScan v2.3.*

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How to program PATS using FORScan v2.3.*

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Updated 2017-03-27 (FORScan v2.3.8) - added built-in outcode/incode calculator for pre-2011 PATS

This article describes PATS programming procedure. The article is actual for version 2.3.8 (PATS programming is implemented for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury models approximately of 1997-2011 model year, depends on model and market). If PATS programming functions is not available in the list of service functions, it means it is not implemented for this model. If the PATS programming function is available in the Service chapter, it is implemented for this model and must work in full.

There are 2 types of secure access: coded and timed. Coded requires an incode generation by the outcode provided by vehicle. Timed access requires that operator has wait for some period of time (usually 10 minutes) with diagnostic tester connected. Some vehicles support only coded access, some only timed access, some support both. FORScan supports all of these options. If both access types are available, FORScan asks user to select the preferred one. Coded access can be done fast, but requires incode/outcode calculator. Timed access doesn't require any code exchange, but requires signfificant timeframe (at least 10 mins). Module Initialization option (available for some models) may require special Dual coded access. Detailed information about Module Initialization function is available in this article:

So, what do you need in order to program PATS using FORScan:

1. Extended license (
2. At least one valid ignition key (master key) that is known by PATS, except the case when all keys are erased from the PATS memory

Let's review a use case for the following scenario: a vehicle supports coded access. PATS knows 2 master keys, but the owner has only 1 of them. The owner wants to erase the lost key from the PATS memory and program new one (for this purpose a blank key is purchased). There is no way to delete a single key, only all known keys can be erased. So the user has to perform the operation in 2 steps: remove all keys known by PATS and program the old key and the new key. Here we go:

- Run the procedure. We see that PATS knows 2 keys:
PATS1_en.png (97.31 KiB) Viewed 396227 times
- Select the Ignition Keys Erase option. FORScan will read outcode and suggest you to generate an incode using the built-in generator:
PATS_calculator.jpg (134.4 KiB) Viewed 349235 times
You can accept and generate incode using built-in generator, or refuse and use an external incode generator. In this case FORScan will show you the outcode and ask to enter the incode:
PATS2_en.png (74.11 KiB) Viewed 396226 times
You can use an external service, for example to generate the incode:
PATS3_en.png (26.33 KiB) Viewed 396227 times
If incode is accepted by PATS and if everything is OK, FORScan will request confirmation on the Erase operation. If confirmed, the operation is executed and user is returned back to the main menu. User should see now zero keys known by PATS.

It is important to do not Exit from the menu, otherwise the security access will be lost, and user will have to obtain the coded/timed access again.

- Now, user should program 2 keys. For this purpose the Ignition Key Programming option must be used. User will be suggested to program the key:
PATS4_en.png (84.07 KiB) Viewed 396226 times
- User should follow the instruction displayed by FORScan, so turn the ignition key to OFF, then back to ON and click OK. FORScan will confirm the operation and ask to turn on/off again.
PATS5_en.png (78.96 KiB) Viewed 396226 times
It is important to leave the programmed key in the ignition lock, because number of known keys is non-zero and FORScan will look for a master key.

- program the second key in the same way, except that when FORScan asks to insert new key, the first key has to be removed and the second key has to be inserted.

- When returned back to the main menu, user should see 2 known keys again. But this time these 2 keys are in hands.

Note: some models for Australian and American markets have no stand-alone Ignition Key programming function. The function is available in the PATS menu but PATS doesn't support it. So on these models it is not possible to add a key to th PATS memory. The only way is to use Erase and Program keys function (added in FORScan v2.2.5). This function erases all keys and switches PATS to a special learning mode. In this mode user can program 2 keys one by one.

We also recommend to read this article to study Module Initialization procedure and use cases:

Experience shows that 90% of problems with using this function are caused by blank key problems (not-original/china clone, incompatible transponder etc). Consdering this experiene, it must be counted that the Erase function is potentially dangerous, because engine will not start until you program at least 2 keys. So it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to check the blank keys (and correct work of the program with your specific vehicle) before executing the Erase function. Just programm it as the 3rd key and if it has been programmed successfully and engine runs using this key, you may execute the Erase function.

Here is a dedicated article about how to check the blank PATS key:
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Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by Wod »

Good information!
I'm wandering if Forscan will perform this on my brother fiesta st150 2005 as he only has one key?
I'm slightly confused as it states programming blank keys,
Does this mean the original working key cannot be resused?

Also wondering if the key has to be blank, I.e is a second hand key programmable?
Many thanks
Good work!
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Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by jar17 »

Hi, I used this module to review a Fiesta mk5 (Ford Fiesta Zetec RoCam 1.6L 2009 MY), that had the PCM locked with the code DTC P1260 because it had two other codes B2139 and B1600, did not know that one of the keys was damaged, the transponder key had communication failures betwen the PCM and the PATS this asset.

The DTC B1600 code (No PATS key read by the PATS control) was the cause of the failure, so it had to determine whether the fault was not sent transceiver information, the key with transponder damaged or PCM had PATS problems. In testing it was determined that the fault was the key. I tried with other unprogramed key in the PATS and it generated code DTC B1601, checking every thing in PATS module was ok.

Using FORScan v2.3.0 with PATS programing module, I tried to delete memoriezed keys but it show me an error:

(OK) [19:42:43.982] Número de llaves memorizadas: 2
(OK) [19:42:43.983] Llaves de repuesto programables: Desactivado
(OK) [19:42:51.812] Entrar a acceso de seguridad...
(ERR) [19:43:41.417] Module returns incorrect outcode. It means the module is out of normal state.
(ERR) [19:43:41.418] Recommendations:
- Make sure there are no wire/connection problems between modules
- Try to reset module using service function "Module Reset" (if available), or by disconnecting the battery for 20-30 minutes
- Try timed access (if available)

Wire/connection betwen module was checked then I started the inicialization module:

(OK) [19:48:28.959] Programacion del PATS se ha iniciado
(OK) [19:48:29.106] Número de llaves memorizadas: 2
(OK) [19:48:29.107] Llaves de repuesto programables: Desactivado
(OK) [19:48:44.107] Por favor, espere...15 segundos
(OK) [19:49:08.302] Entrar a acceso de seguridad...
(OK) [19:51:12.309] Acceso de seguridad concedido
(WARN) [19:51:12.319] Inicializacion del modulo. Por favor, espere...
(OK) [19:51:20.806] Por favor, espere...15 segundos
(WARN) [19:51:47.322] La inicializacion del modulo no esta completa
(OK) [19:52:09.456] Por favor, espere...15 segundos
(WARN) [19:52:34.458] La inicializacion del modulo no esta completa
(OK) [19:54:39.615] Por favor, espere...15 segundos
(WARN) [19:55:05.885] La inicializacion del modulo no esta completa
(OK) [19:55:56.294] Por favor, espere...15 segundos
(OK) [19:56:24.627] La inicializacion del modulo del PATS ha terminado

After that PCM was unblocked and car started.
Thanks FORScan Team!!
Excelent tool
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Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by capriceclassic1 »

I was successful at programming my 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis keys! Worked great! Thank you FORScan.

Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by Stevecvo »

I am new to FORScan but have experience with BMW diagnostics and coding programmes. I need to use FORScan because I have lost the original key to my car and the spare has stopped working due to a transponder fault. The car is a Portuguese registered 1999 Ford Puma 1.4 LHD. I have the special licence but when I open the PATS programming I get the warning message with options of OK or Cancel. If I press OK the service procedure is shown as interrupted and if I press cancel the procedure is cancelled. Am I doing something wrong? How to I get the PATS programming to proceed? Any advice gratefully received.
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Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by cr08 »

Just wanted to say thanks for the great program and saving me a boatload of money. Got a North American Ford Focus, 2007. I've only ever had one key since I've owned it and been putting off getting spares due to the programming needed. Finally broke down and bought 2 extra keys off Amazon: ... =UTF8&th=1 . Confirmed via the DTC method that they showed up for the PATS module. What surprised me from reading some other posts is my car allowed coded access which saved a lot of time and headache not having to wait on the timed access method. Once I was in it was straightforward to erase and get the initial 2 keys programmed and then the third I was able to do using the key cycle method. Confirmed all 3 were able to start the car no problem.

All in about $25 for the 2 keys (Spent a little extra to overnight them even with my Prime sub), around $3 at the local hardware store to cut them both, and the $13 ELM327 BT adapter I had on hand.
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Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by rez2981 » still a valid website as of 10/10/2016? thanks

Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by pearlydougy »

Hi; i have never used this pats option, but i would like to say "BIG THANKS" to forscan in order to have this possibility to users. Sincerely many many thanks. It's a poweful tool. I have already an obdlink sx, but no mscan option; so I have just ordered a ford modified elm; do you think that interace from james simpson will be good for me?
100000000000000000000 thanks for that.
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Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by king kong »

rez2981 still a valid website as of 10/10/2016? thanks
Yes it is valid
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Re: How to program PATS using FORScan v2.2.*

Post by sorinj80 »

Hello everyone, the program works well for keys and module initialization. I used it for a HEC change/upgrade on a Ford Focus MK2 with succes, but be carefull so your keys are not clones.
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