1.6 TDCI EGR issues

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1.6 TDCI EGR issues

Post by adambuzz14 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:16 pm

I'm trying to fault find an EGR valve on a 1.6 tdci fiesta. Fault has always been that EGR stuck closed. I've removed the motor from the valve and tried to manually control the valve in forscan but I don't seem to be able to control it.
I've just received a new egr valve (cheap china version to investigate) and again hoping I can see it operate using forscsn but I can't. What am I missing?
The only 2 control options I get for egr are 'EGRDC' and 'EGR_TV' but neither seem to be operating the motor.

what do these 2 conrtols do? i understand one is the duty cycle and the other is the EGR throttle valve, but what exactly do these 2 control?

whilst ive only got these 2 controls available, I have a number of other EGR related monitors availble on the dash board. Ive noticed if i move the motor by hand, the EGRVP % changes, so i am confident this part of both valve is working.

Ive` also got EGR_PCT.OBDII % which os giving me around 72%, EGRV_FLOV and EGRTV_FLOV both on 0%

whist i can read the labels what each refers to, can can anyone help me by talking me through what each of these actually means in relation to the valve opening and closing?


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