Gear Fault - P06B1 - TCM VPWR2 LOW

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Gear Fault - P06B1 - TCM VPWR2 LOW

Post by cypr3z » Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:43 am


from time to time (primary on nearly 30°C out temp.), my car run into an issue (Ford Galaxy WA6 2014 - DW10C/6DCT450-MPS6) ...

the IPC shows gear fault (Getriebestörung) followed by emergancy mode (only shift 2,4,6 are available).

===TCM DTC P06B1:00-27===
Code: P06B1 - Sensor-Spannungsversorgung A: Stromkreis gering

- DTC vorhanden zum Zeitpunkt der Anfrage
- Fehlfunktions Indikator Lampe ist AUS für diesen DTC

Modul: Getriebesteuergerät

===END TCM DTC P06B1:00-27===

TCM - VPWR2 is below 1,35 V if the error is present and 5 V if not. VPWR and VPWR1 is always above 12 V.

Wait couple of hours let the issue gone away .... until the next time :(

Does anyone have an idea where I can look in or what exactly the VPWR2 comes from?

Kindly regards

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Re: Gear Fault - P06B1 - TCM VPWR2 LOW

Post by f-wolf » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:02 am

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