Used PAM Module....plug and play?

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Used PAM Module....plug and play?

Post by Adz99 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:12 am

I have spent many hours (weeks/months!) researching a (possible) fix for this problem. I found a lot of instances where owners have had issues with their parking sensors. Often it's just a sensor broken down. In my case all sensors check out ok (all give a distance reading on Forscan).
As the parking aid system shuts down completely when there's a fault I couldn't check which sensor(s) where faulty, if any, as there would be no sound or vibration from any of the sensors.
I did have to remove the rear bumper cover for an unrelated issue so at the same time I replaced the rear sensor loom, which apparently is sometimes the cause.
It made no difference.
I replaced the switch too, ans the error code pointed at possible LED switch fault - mane no difference.

So, I took it to Ford for a diagnostic. They literally repeated what Forscan found with no resolve other than to book it in again so their Master Tech guy could look into it more.....can't remember the cost but it was around £150....and they could still not be able to pinpoint the fault.

The PAM could be the fault, so I bought a used one and replaced.

This is where it gets interesting. I now have NO error tone (where I did with the original PAM fitted, 3 second long beep and flashing LED in switch) when engaging reverse and NO FAULT CODES are present. Great. However there is NO SOUND AT ALL from either the front or rear "beepers" so, although I think the PAM is working, it's pointless without the sound!

So, does the replacement PAM need registering/Coding to the vehicle? I read somewhere that they are plug and play. I didn't find anything on Forscan, other than Module Reset which I did for the PAM but made no difference.

I'm hoping that someone can advise?

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Re: Used PAM Module....plug and play?

Post by lgwjames » Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:59 pm

let me know how you get on
i just brought a edge and get the 2-3 sec sound on reverse but no tones
forscan says rear middle right sensor, but looks to be a bumper off to change

no sound when going forward as well so would like to know if the module

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