Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by MarekKu »

Just small update to my experience with learning process. I was not able to complete this process and due this I have replaced all injectors.
It seems that my injectors were in bad state, this was confirmed by Bosch diesel service. If you see error like Cylinder X Fuel Injector Offset Learning At Max Limit, it can be real issue at your injector.
I had those errors at my 3 injectors, but car was going quite well (6 l/100 km - Ford Mondeo mk4, 1.6 TDCI), only my technician told me that after start at idle, he heard small irregular idle. I recognized this only after his words, but it was really low.

There is one video at youtube about FF3 with same error and technician replace that injector.

Second experience is that after replace my consumption by computer is 4,5l/100 km, which I cannot believe. I will do longer trips and will see.
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by nabilultranet »

Hello everyone, i'm new in this forum (i'm from France and own a Focus mk3 titanium 1.6L TDCI 115 2012).
First of all i want to thank the FORScan team for their great job, this scan tool is really good.
Thanks to all users who post and share their experiences and solutions in this forum.

I don't really have issues with my car, it work normaly, but since 1 to 2 mounths i fell some vibrations in cockpit and steering wheel, this happen in idle and when i accelerate.

I performed a scan and got no erreurs at all.

My question is this : can i perform a relearning injection just by following the procedure described in this post or it is obligatory to do a "reset all adaptation" or "Reset pilot injection quantity learned values" before ?

Thank you for your answers.
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by MarekKu »

If there is no error related to injectors, dont do it. You can do injector correction test via computer and physical injector leaking test.
I think if correction are around 1 it is ok.
You can monitor fuel pressure required, real, MAF pressure, if all is fine, it can be something which cannot be monitor by sensors.
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by FH2k »

Hey there. I'm about to check out a Ford mondeo 2.5 tcdi, 2005 and need some guidance. The owner told me that he has an error regarding the injector on cylinder 1. He changed the injector, now he got a problem with the injector on cylinder 2. By any chance, is this just an error because he might didn't set new values, did a reset or something like that?
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by ssteell »

Hello all,

I Want share my experience.
I have this error on Ford C-MAX 2011 1.6 85 kW Duratorque. Before engine works pretty fine, no smoke only bad acceleration in low RPM and some fuel leak from fuel return line. I decided to remove all injectors and check them.
I one of workshops test show (cost me 28 Eur), that 3 of 4 injectors are in very bad state, that means low fuel flow in some ranges of RPM reasoned of bad injectors electronic. I decided to buy new ones from Poland dealer. That cost me around 750 Eur with delivery costs. After I replaced injectors (I replaced all the glow plugs at the same time because 2 were bad) and coded them to engine with Forscan and do some ride in hi RPM range, all works fine, when injectors learned, and fuel consumption dropped from 5.6 to 4.4 Ltr/km. So Forscan helped me a lot.

It is unfortunate that the car's PCM does not issue errors to the driver like nozzle and plugs wear.

And I suggest - never try buy old injectors from cars with more then 50000 km run, this is waste of time and money.
And if you have error about injectors learning at high values, i do not recommended reset adaptations, because you can have engine jerking after that, because old worn injectors cannot return to normal working state.
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by Denis »

Hello, does anyone know the relearn procedure for Ford Fusion 2G 2014 after 'reset all adaptations' function has been carried out?
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by brunopr »

Hello everyone.
I have a problem where I cannot reset all the adaptations on my Ford Focus. I need to do it because the car is always generating a DTC U2100 (HVAC module) and no matter how much it goes out (clear/reset DTC), it returns.
So I want to try to reset all the adaptations of the PCM to see if this can be resolved. The problem is that this function does not want to work with my Focus.
I've done this procedure in other Ford (Fiesta MY 2017 and Ford Ka MY 2002) and it worked perfectly and corrected some defects of these cars.
Thank you all very much in advance.
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by brunopr »

Searching here on the forum, I can see that this U2100 (HVAC) error probably appeared after I changed some APIM settings, like trying to add air conditioning in Sync 3.
I have already returned with the original parameters downloaded from the Ford website but the error does not disappear anymore. I read here on the forum that some codes can only be changed once...
If this is my case, how should I proceed now?
Thank you very much to anyone who can help.
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by andrystefan »


I have an 2011 1.6TDCi Mk3 Focus that drives me nuts right now.
The things are like this:
Two years ago I got one failed injector and i replaced it with a used one, after the replacement I had its correction factors added to the PCM via Forscan by a friend. During that my friend also did a reset of pilot injection and everything was Ok.
A few weeks ago i started seeing some white smoke and uneven idle at coldish (10-15°C) starts.It starts like a champ when its colder than that. So I decided to do the pilot injection reset again. Last sunday I had the engine all warmed up connected the ELM327 and Forscan, did the reset and started going for a ride in wich I tried to drive as much as I can throttling upto 2500-3000RPM and letting it engine brake to 1500RPM. In 20 minutes all the INJ_LRN_ PID were showing a 7 so the learning was ended. But I still had a diesel knock at around 1500-1900RPM. I drove like that for 5 days and did another pilot injection reset.
This time I did it during the night on an free road, and did the same thing 2500-3000RPM engine brake-ing to 1500RPM untill all the INJ LRN were showing a 7. THis time the knock got louder and started at a much lower RPM (it starts at 1000RPM and lasts to 1600RPM). The knock can be heard in the video uploaded at this link:

I also saved the log I had from the last injector learn and i'll be uploading it soon.

What should I do? Should I do another reset of the pilot injection? My ears tells me that its a little worst after the last learning procedure. What would make my injectors do a bad learning?
PS I had issues uploading the attachment here so I uploaded it like this:
Thank you
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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by patryczak »

Hello everyone,

My first post here.
1st of all - FORScan developers thank you for such a great software.

I am driving Mazda 5 CW 2010 1.6 CITD/TDCI 115HP(same engine as FORD MK3 or Volvo 1.6D).
I use Vgate-Icar2 bluetooth or STN1170 for connection with Forscan (2.3.30)

I have a question about the visible PID's in FORScan.

FORD users can see the PID's such as: INJ_LRN_C1 or CYL_BAL or any connected with injectors (i.e. correction values).
For my car is not visible in FORScan. None of them.

I attach below visible MODULES in my car and also configuration details.
LOG.jpg (193.61 KiB) Viewed 4574 times
configuration.jpg (111.93 KiB) Viewed 4389 times
Using STN1170 (with MSCAN) vs. ICAR VGATE2 the difference is only EATC MODULE - with STN1170.

Could you please advice if the issue is connected with FORScan version, OBDII(drivers) or the PCM doesn't show these PID's to program?
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