Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by MarekKu » Thu May 09, 2019 2:18 pm

Just small update to my experience with learning process. I was not able to complete this process and due this I have replaced all injectors.
It seems that my injectors were in bad state, this was confirmed by Bosch diesel service. If you see error like Cylinder X Fuel Injector Offset Learning At Max Limit, it can be real issue at your injector.
I had those errors at my 3 injectors, but car was going quite well (6 l/100 km - Ford Mondeo mk4, 1.6 TDCI), only my technician told me that after start at idle, he heard small irregular idle. I recognized this only after his words, but it was really low.

There is one video at youtube about FF3 with same error and technician replace that injector.

Second experience is that after replace my consumption by computer is 4,5l/100 km, which I cannot believe. I will do longer trips and will see.

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Re: Ford Focus MK3 "reset all adaptation" function

Post by nabilultranet » Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:05 am

Hello everyone, i'm new in this forum (i'm from France and own a Focus mk3 titanium 1.6L TDCI 115 2012).
First of all i want to thank the FORScan team for their great job, this scan tool is really good.
Thanks to all users who post and share their experiences and solutions in this forum.

I don't really have issues with my car, it work normaly, but since 1 to 2 mounths i fell some vibrations in cockpit and steering wheel, this happen in idle and when i accelerate.

I performed a scan and got no erreurs at all.

My question is this : can i perform a relearning injection just by following the procedure described in this post or it is obligatory to do a "reset all adaptation" or "Reset pilot injection quantity learned values" before ?

Thank you for your answers.

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