Service functions - discussion

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Service functions - discussion

Post by FORScan » Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:20 am

Feedback from one of our users:
I just want to share my experience with forscan software, may be this will help to avoid problems for future users or may be you will find any fix.

I installed and tried 2.1.20 version on my pc connected via some Chinese OBD2 cable, my car is Ford Focus MK3 2012, diesel 1.6 engine

So everything seems working perfect, all functions from software responded, and no big issues noticed until I start using of function- “Reset all learned values”

Just after ran this function something really terrible happened with my engine, it is really hard to explain, but engine become really silly.

No force at all, idle running totally unstable, and so on. Consumption of fuel rise more than 2 times, from 5 l/100km to more than 10 liters for 100 km.

So I have ine and last chance to go to authorized service for full diagnostic. Engineers after few hours of investigation in dealer service found that problem appears in injector settings and programming in main car computer, original settings was completely erased and some crazy default values set.

So they restored normal injector values for me and lerned them again. So right now everything is smooth again with my ford, but may be this will be usefull for you as developers and software providers. May be I did something wrong, but if so then necessary to include some instruction or warning inside this software?
This is so important so we have decided to post it here.

First of all, yes we try to make using service functions user-friendly and safe. We remove or not add functions that are obviously dangerour or confusing. But it is not always possible, and this case is good example. In contrast to other functions available in FORScan, service procedures are some kind of professional tool that is not designed to be used for fun or curiousity. It is assumed that the persion who ran the function knows what he does, has workshop/service manual etc. Talking about reset all adaptations - vodern vehicles have a lot of adaptations stored in PCM, and resetting them may affect vehicle behaviour very noticeable. Btw, we removed service functions in mobile versions of FORScan and seriously thinking on limiting acess to them in Windows version.

Second, let's discuss adaptation itself. Adaptation is some parameter managed by PCM in order to proivde an optimal engine work in all conditions. Oldest adaptation and good example for undesrtanding the principle is the long fuel trim (LFT) adaptation well described everywhere (articles can be found using google). Modern Ford and Mazda diesel engines may have adaptations for EGR, EGT, DPF, intake air throttle, turbocharger, injectors, cooling fan, fuel pump and so on.

So what does adaptation reset mean? It means clean the value learned by PCM and set it to a default (factory) setting. This setting should perfectly work for new vehicle (no wear or mud). Of course, if you do reset on vehicle with, let's say, 100 000 km of mileage, it may cause problems because engine itself and its systems are not new already. However, after some time PCM must re-learn and engine work should return back to normal. This is what FORScan is warning about:
ResetAllAdaptationsWarning.jpg (66.68 KiB) Viewed 6249 times
This is why this statement of dealer is not correct (or misunderstood by user):
original settings was completely erased and some crazy default values set
This function (with slightly different name) exists in dealership scanner and does exactly the same. So if these default values are "crazy", they are crazy from the factory.

As for the problem itself: it looks like this engine requires so-called pilot injection learning after reset all adaptations. Without this procedure, PCM is unable to re-learn optimal values for injectors. We will implement this function in next release, until that time it is strongly not recommended to use Reset All Adaptations on new diesel engines.

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Re: Service functions - discussion

Post by fifaworld » Thu Nov 27, 2014 2:56 am

This function (with slightly different name) exists in dealership scanner and does exactly the same. So if these default values are "crazy", they are crazy from the factory. :idea: :idea:

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Re: Service functions - discussion

Post by zer0cool » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:40 pm

Hi I got to the last stage the warning then cancelled as I bottled resetting the car back to factory but car cut out and hasn’t started since any ideas

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