Testing Whilst Driving

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Testing Whilst Driving

Post by 2007 MZR-CD » Thu Oct 09, 2014 5:13 am

Quote from Mazda

• While performing the Drive Mode, always operate the vehicle in a safe and lawful manner.
• When the M-MDS is used to observe monitor system status while driving, be sure to have another technician with you, or record the data in
the M-MDS using the PID/DATA MONITOR AND RECORD function and inspect later.

End Quote

Can your software be used in this way?

Record the data for viewing after driving the car.
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Re: Testing Whilst Driving

Post by FORScan » Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:10 am

There is no special "recording" mode, if you are asking about this. But you can use FORScan in the safe way: start live data streaming before you start the trip and stop data streaming when you stop it, and save the data using the Save button (diskette). You can save it either to FSL (format that can be opened in FORScan later) or to CSV (that can be widely used ).

The only thing is that current version of FORScan has no protection against Windows sleep mode (will add it in further versions), so it has to be disabled manually in Windows settings.

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