Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

Post by fordPT » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:35 am

I decided to share my experience, as I was able to solve my issue due to the first poster of this thread and the MAF trick.
I am not a mechanic at all and I did not had experience with any software or the OBD2.

Story: When driving on the highway I got "Engine failure". 125 000Km. Motor acted from that point forward as it did not had power, like no turbo was active. Uncomfortable with the idea of going to the mechanic again and spending a lot of money, I decided to try to know where the fault was. I ordered a ODB2 scanner, Bluetooth, that costed me about 15€. Came from one day to the other.
First thing that I did was to install a software that is called TORQUE (at that time I did not knew about ForScan), and the android application told me that I had the P242F fault. Reading about it, it was the particle filter that needed to be cleaned. Fault on the computer corresponds to "diesel particulate filter restriction ash accumulation".
I was unable to take the fault out and at that time I read about the FORScan application. I was able to connect to the car using my adaptor and a computer, so I started to understand how things work. First thing was to try to make a static filter regeneration, that failed all the time at about 11%.

The result was: Service procedure has been interrupted

I also took information about the DP_DPF (pressure in the filter), and at idle I got about 3KPa and at 2K RPM about 13KPa, others RPM's I did not tested. Values here high, but not the highest that I saw in the forum, so I though that I should try a static regeneration. At the same time more reading about the subject told me that with this error (P242F) the car thinks that the filter is over static regeneration possibility, then the only solution would be to remove and to clean the filter... I opened the hood, and damm, it looked a lot of work for someone as inexperienced as me. So I read this post about the MAF sensor, followed the procedure and I was able to take the P242F fault. After this I was able to run the static generation.

After the static regeneration I was able to test again the pressure values and I got about 0.7KPa at idle; about 3.6KPa at 2K RPM; 8KPa at 3K RPM and about 12KPa at more than 3.5K RPM, so a improvement was noticeable. I think I did it correctly. If the values are ok, I really do not know, so I unsure about how much time the car will run without the same problem.

I made videos during regeneration and after regeneration.
During regeneration, no smoke was noticeable from the exhaust.

Now I am happy again... I just do not know for how long !

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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

Post by lkola » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:35 pm


Can you tell haw many minutes is the duration of the static regeneration, and can you share any update on behavior of DPf from the regeneration.


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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

Post by peterc » Mon Sep 03, 2018 12:26 am

I flushed out my DPF without removing it.
I used Mannol 9995-9996-Diesel-Particular-Filter-DPF-Regenerator-Cleaner-and-Flush-Fluid-Pack.
I removed the Temperature Sensor and poured the cleaner through the hole using a small funnel and plastic tube then followed the instructions on the cans.
I took the car for a 20 minute drive on the motorway then cleared the code and reset the DPF regeneration. Car came out of limp mode and has been fine for about two months now :)

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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

Post by pietr » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:38 am

Does anyone know if the DPF on these cars can be removed when the car is on standard 3 ton jack stands? Or would I need a lift/pit?

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