Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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Do you have P242F DTC?

Also, as found recently, on some vehicles regeneration may not start if EGT temperature is out of bounds. So it is recommended to warm engine up and let it idle for at least 30 seconds right before the regen.

Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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uhh, long time that I did not have look into this forum.
I got some PM but I cannot answer since its not enabled by admin.

However, Forscan admin asked me to give permission to translate my description into russian language ... yes, no problem.

Another user asked me if I solved the problem with my EGR. Yes, since I cleaned the mechanics (you have to disassemble the entire EGR), I have next 20.000 km without any problem. My Mazda is running like hell :-)

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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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Hi all,
I have recieved the two codes P242f and P2458 I deleted codes via 'maf' trick. I carried out a static regeneration twice but each time towards the end of regeneration the codes would up again? The DPF idleing at 1kpa. What would resseting DPF learned values achieve? Also what kpa should the EGR run at?
Cheers Twiggy
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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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I have the same problem with my mazda 3 2.0 mzr-cd 2008
Says contact developers on trial and regeneration dpf
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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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I have the same problem with my mk3,thanks for share
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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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EllwoodJT wrote:Hi I'm having a problem running the static regeneration part of the software. I can get pretty much all functions but it won't do a test on demand with the engine running but more importantly it won't let me do a static regeneration of the particulate filter, it says 'service procedure stopped, contact the developer'.... Is this a function that only comes with a paid version? I'm using Windows 7 and an Elm 327 cable off eBay. Ford focus 1.6 duratorq 2009. I've recently re filled the additive tank and changed the fuel and air filters. Thank you in advance. Ellwood
i had the same problem. with same car. someone told me he resolved unplugging some tubes goind to differential pression sensor, going arounn with the car for a while, plug everything and retry. for me i thought was too risky so a bought a regenerated one filter
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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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I have the same problem with the focus (1.6 TDCI MK2) from my girl friend, if I want execute the static regeneration: forscan says 'service procedure stopped, contact the developer'.
Is there a solution available?

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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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Hey, 2015 mazda6 2.2 dt. Engine oil light regularly comes on. Oil level had always risen to the 'X'. WTF? Mechanic did not know what was going on. The internet helped me figure out it was automatic DPF regens while driving, causing oil to be diluted with diesel fuel. Seriously considered DPF removal as I only do small trips. More searching led me to buy a bluetooth OBD, a USB -> bluetooth for my laptop, and a few free programs to try. Only Forscan worked properly. Did a forced regen, took 45 minutes. Great program!!! Car now running much better. Am now monitoring the car while driving on the road using the Android version of forscan. I have 6 parameters I am monitoring. DPF_REG_CNT (regen count), DP_DPF (differential pressure, most likely reason for auto regen), OIL_DIL (oil dilution, set max level to 1kg, shows .1kg with oil level 1/4 of the way between 'full' and 'X', REG_DIS (distance since last regen), REG_REQ_A (request for regen auto), and REG_REQ_F (request for regen forced). Have done 120 ks since forced regen, all good so far. The DPF is clearly not fit for purpose, in regard to how it is cleaned automatically. Will ruin my engine with oil dilution if not monitored and cleaned properly with a forced regen. Will see how I go with the ability to monitor and force regens. Love the car otherwise!

After about 200km since forced regen, the DP_DPF pressure started climbing to often between 10 and 19. Soon the REG_REQ_A switched to 'on'. Everytime I stopped at lights it went back to OFF. When I took off it returned to ON. Luckily I had 20 mins spare so I hit the local freeway. 10 minutes of freeway driving and the regen went back to OFF. There has been no change in OIL_DIL or dipstick level. There was no indication that the car had gone into AUTO_REGEN other than the forscan utility. I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise.
So even though this 'worked' I am not wrapped I will have to do forced regens all the time, to avoid these unfinished auto regens and associated oil dilution. I only do small trips. This will always be a problem for me. The DPF leaves the car unfit for constant small trips, ruining an otherwise great car. DPF removal is really the only practical solution for me.
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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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i did it!!!!!
i removed filter.......clean it with water......put back on.........connect with laptop forscan no fault codes
with 50km/h 19kpa after the engine go to normal temperature with 50km/h 0kpa

120km/h 3-4kpa
160+km/h 8-9kpa

here is the washing video
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Re: Cleaning clogged DPF on Ford Focus II 1.6 TDCI

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After removal of DPF but before washing, i would recommend filling it with a strong solution of soapy water as soap disolves carbon. If you can leave it an hour or so or better still overnight it will soften any carbon and it will rinse out with the water.
I have cleaned vacuum EGR valves and heatexchangers in this way may times. I have even used the soap solution to clean heavily carboned turbocharger gas inlet vanes and caged exhaust valves on large Marine 4stroke engines burning 380 cst heavy oil.
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