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Retrofit HUD to Focus Mk4 help please SORTED

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:46 pm
by Graham17
Good evening guys,
Hoping someone can help me, i am in the process of retrofitting the HUD (head up display) to my Focus mk4
I have fitted the HUD unit and wired it up as per the wiring diagram, I have also fitted the additional switch on the left hand side gear shift and wired this also. This is supposed to bring up the HUD menu on the IPC.
I have re scanned the car and can now see the HUD unit and have cleared all the dtcs to it.
I have amended all the modules in config mode IPMA, BCM and IPC but for some reason the Hud doesn't show up in IPC config, I know its there as it should pop up a menu to adjust the HUD. Which leads me to believe its hidden. Does anyone know what asbuilt code needs changing to enable the HUD in the IPC.
I have downloaded a Focus asbuilt with HUD and compared to my own in asbuilt explore and there are differences, but can't find out what these differences change.
As always any help is appreciated Thanks

Re: Retrofit HUD to Focus Mk4 help please

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2021 3:04 pm
by Graham17
With a bit or perseverance, think i have sorted it.
I obtained 3 different vins from 2 vignale and 1 st line x all 1.0 ecoboost then using asbuilt explorer went through the 3 and my own in the IPC step by step noting down the changes. There were numerous but by looking at what the 3 with Hud had that mine didnt, i narrowed it down, have now updated IPC, did a reset and Voila! Working HUD and menu when pressing button. Havnt tried on the road as yet, but it all opens as it shoild and you can select the diff options.
For ref: asbuilt changed as follows
720-09-01 205A 1544 81
720-09-02 021D 81
720-10-01 0401 0800 02
720-17-01 0AF3 F3FB 64
I also got ST performance screen enabled too, not sure i need that but heyho! whose complaining.