MK4 Mondeo overcooling??

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MK4 Mondeo overcooling??

Post by kevfal » Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:26 pm

Hi there,
i am trying to diagnose whether my thermostat is working correctly or not. It seems to fluctuate alot under normal operating conditions but especially in colder weather. I was using forscan to try and copy the ford procedure (IAT, ECT, CHT, LOAD, VSS, RPM, DSRPM) to log data but could not find the CHT or DSRPM pids. Anyway i started a log with the pids i did have (IAT, ECT, LOAD, VSS, RPM). Are these enough to diagnose the thermostat? i will pm the log file. Also while logging the pids i noticed that while the ECT pid read 73deg the instrument panel looks to be at midway between 75 and 90deg (approx 83deg) is this normal?


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