help please Ford S-Max 2012

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help please Ford S-Max 2012

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Ford s-max 2012 proxy key
I`ve replaced the BCM, I read the old BCM using forscan and write the file to the new BCM. But now i have problems with the key "proxy key" , the key will lock and unlock the car via remote when i press the start button the dash will light up and take the steering lock off. But the engine wont crank and says on the dash key not detected ??? If i put the key out side of the car and press the start button nothing happens, so the car must be seeing the key for the dash too light up when the key is in side of the car. Put the old BCM back in and the keys work fine.

Things i`ve tried.
Deleting Keys and reading them, Two Keys
Help please Thank you.
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Re: help please Ford S-Max 2012

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The BCM is new? is it used?
What are the part numbers for the new / used / OEM BCM?
Why did you replace the BCM?
What faults were recorded with the original and replacement?
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