Erratic (very high) DPF pressure with engine off

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Erratic (very high) DPF pressure with engine off

Post by tombai » Sun Mar 22, 2020 6:28 pm

Hi all,

Just want to sanity check here.. no end of problems with a DPF. It's a Ford Kuga 2.0 TCDI that just had it's DPF professionally cleaned.

With the engine off I am getting very erratic DP_DPF kPa readings, constantly fluctuating 115 kPa to 130 Kpa. I have run "Reset the DPF Learned Values". Moving the wires to the sensor doesn't seem to make a difference and the connectors look ok.

I would assume the reading should be 0 kPa when the engine is off? so I am thinking the sensor has gone bad (again).

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Re: Erratic (very high) DPF pressure with engine off

Post by gregggles » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:31 pm

hi,with engine off key on should be 0 pressure, have you tried disconnecting pressure pipes from the sensor?
then recheck the reading, have you checked for moisture in the pressure sensor?
if you have access to a mitty vac,it may worth connecting to the sensor and applying some pressure direct to it, then at least you are in direct control of the pressure, so you will be able to observe live data and control the pressure pattern.

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