mondeo mk4 2011 FL - EGR duty cycle

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mondeo mk4 2011 FL - EGR duty cycle

Post by josiah9 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 7:56 am

Hello Guys,

Could you tell me on which PID there is EGRDC and DPFEGR on mondeo mk4 FL (2011)? I have that PID's EGRVPB1, EGR_ERR, EGR_PCT.
And IF you can answer me what pid EGRVPB1 is?

I am asking about that because I try to find fault in car - EGR works poor. I think there is excessive exhaust black smoke.
When I blind the egr everything works good. Dpf did not burn a lot.
When egr is not blind DPF burned every 100km.

thanks. :D

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