XR8 Falcon Ute Ba 2004 Manual Limp Mode

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XR8 Falcon Ute Ba 2004 Manual Limp Mode

Post by ba8 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 12:34 pm

Hi guys, I have recently purchased an xr8 manual ute from auctions. Its a 2004 BA with a boss 260 motor. I am not much of a mechanic but I know when something is not right and this car seems to have split personalities.. lol
Ok so I towed said vehicle on a car trailer to closest mechanic as the exhaust was not fitted but was in the tub, car did not want to start initially but soon realised was low on fuel and with a top up it fired up first go. To me it sounded great but was only running on 6 cylinders and was gushing fuel directly out the exhaust. Mechanic said could be a faulty injector once he had fixed exhaust into place I drove it a short distance home and replaced injectors with standard ones I got from ebay. This was not the cause so I seeked advice from a guy recommended from Sprints Auto. as expected the ECU was corrupt. Next step I finally found one in Melbourne and had it shipped to me in SA. My guy plugged it in and reprogrammed and it was running sweeter then you could imagine. Once the excess fuel from previous ecu had completely burnt out and I drained oil and topped it back up I took it for a drive to sprints to get another oil filter and more oil for a secondary change to be sure, spark plugs and a battery as was having to jump it off a jumping pack every now and then it was a dream drive smooth with good power etc, etc
Then after about 1 hour of it running on and off it suddenly just shut down whilst in motion, engine light came on along with few other lights, when key removed from ignition the red hand with vehicle shape blinks away and cannot bypass (hotwire) starter motor relay.
Code on ECU that was running perfect is as follows
ABU 251

Please if any one has a clue to why it went into limp mode when it was running fine and after all that the first fuel thirsty ecu will still let the engine turn over..
Being from Auctions I have no records of service history but its got a small air filter that's not standard if means anything....


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Re: XR8 Falcon Ute Ba 2004 Manual Limp Mode

Post by denbo » Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:17 pm

Can we take it you do not have Forscan? If you did you would be in a better position to fix this yourself. Your vehicle has a fault or two and the next step is to get it on diagnostics.

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