Mondeo Mk3 2006 A/C problem

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Mondeo Mk3 2006 A/C problem

Post by larse » Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:05 am


I know there are several A/C threads already but could not find my particular problem.
My A/C stopped working suddenly. No DTC's and A/C panel self test (Off, Footwell and Auto) gives no error. Just no clutch engaging and no cooling fan when A/C is turned on from A/C panel.

So I went to the garage as I expected it was low on refrigirant since it's never been filled. Garage responded that it was ok. No need for filling.

I then found the possibility in Forscan to control outputs. Brilliant function :) I went to PCM module and it had only one control function but that was
to turn A/C on/off. I pressed the On button and A/C started normally after a few seconds. Clutch was engaged, cooling fan came on and air was cool.

So what can be the problem? I assume that safety pressure switches must read ok since system started? AC button on panel seems ok since. Display switches between AC and ECO text. Temperature sensors reads ok and rest of control panel reacts normally.

I'm out of ideas. Anybody that have one?

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